In which I review Joe Dante’s Burying The Ex


Yeah, more movie reviews than average just now. I really enjoy doing them when I have the time.

If you don’t know who Joe Dante is, he’s a director who cut his teeth working for cult-iconic ’50s & ’60s B-movie director and producer Roger Corman before becoming a horror hero himself by making flicks like Piranha and The Howling. Dante went on to do great, successful Big Hollywood flicks (Gremlins, Twilight Zone: The Movie, and many more). Now he’s returned to his roots with a cheaper horror-comedy that retains his penchant for fun and cute romance amid the chaos. It’s definitely a better-than-average flick, especially if you’re a horror-flick omnivore who likes Return of the Living Dead as much as you like old Hammer films and Shaun of the Dead.

The review is here.

In which I review Jurassic World

Jurassic World

My first time in a movie theater in probably two years, and I go to an advance screening full of contest winners, screener junkies and, like, five press people.

But I really enjoyed Jurassic World, and not just because I’m a Crichton fan and still have the remains of that dino-crazy kid in my old bones. It’s good, fun, exciting stuff. The review is here.

Stuff I wrote for Creative Loafing‘s Summer Guide 2015

Photo by Todd Bates. Cover design by Julio Ramos for @cl_tampabay.

Photo by Todd Bates. Cover design by Julio Ramos for @cl_tampabay.

It’s our second-biggest issue of the year (Best of the Bay is always the biggest), and it’s always a blast (an exhausting blast, but a blast nonetheless) to put together. This year, the theme is ReFRESH; I wrote about doing kiddie summer activities as an adult (ReGRESS), fishing with live bait for amateurs (ReBAIT), and cool/indie/documentary alternatives to the summer’s big-budget blockbuster movies (ReVIEW).

Enjoy, check out all the other content from a bevy of talented CL staffers and contributors, and have fun during these dog days.

Meet the brewers: Eric Richardson of R Bar/Cage Brewing

Photo by Meaghan Habuda for Creative Loafing.

Photo by Meaghan Habuda for Creative Loafing.

Eric Richardson fell into his job brewing beer for Treasure Island’s R Bar by being in the right place at the right time — and technically doing the wrong thing. While working as a cook at the eatery and bar, a broken burner ring at home facilitated the homebrewer bringing his batches into the restaurant’s kitchen while he was on the clock.

“Really, I was slacking off brewing when I was supposed to be working,” he says.

R Bar owner Robert Hughes became intrigued by what Richardson was doing. He asked for a taste, and in 2013 put three of Richardson’s beers on tap for his patrons. R Bar now features six in-house varieties from the brewer’s 20-gallon system (upgraded from 10 gallons), ranging from the ubiquitous IPA and pale ale to a red IPA, cream ale, porter and brown ale.

Read the rest at Creative Loafing…

Life as we blow it: St. Pete’s evolving identity

Photo by Meaghan Habuda for @cl_tampabay

Photo by Meaghan Habuda for @cl_tampabay

A couple of weeks back, a few different elements coalesced to get me thinking about the city in which I live: the ongoing construction of yet another massive (maybe the tallest in the Bay area?) condo, the emergence of demand for a new downtown noise ordinance (made mostly by people who moved to downtown St. Pete for the vibrant culture, and now want to silence it when they’re ready for bed), and the arrival of a new pool/party area to hip downtown boutique hotel The Hollander—and its rent-a-cabana-by-the-hour policy, which to some sounds a bit like the kind of Vegas-style day-clubbing experience that might attract an element (read: rich bros) anathema to the city’s more, er, hipster-y characteristics.

The column wasn’t about these things in particular, but the Hollander specifically served as a nice jumping-off point to discuss St. Petersburg’s evolving identity, and to ask people in the community what they want “their” St. Pete to be.

It got a nice variety of responses, of the type you hope to get with such a post rather than the type you usually get with such a post. You can read the column and comments here.