LAWBI #85: Cunning Canine


One of our dogs, Bentley, looks like a cross between a crotchety old man and Falcor fromThe NeverEnding Story. Which is perfect, because, while he’s loving and clever, he’s also moody and stubborn.

Very stubborn.

We’re not sure what Bentley’s backstory is, but it made him smart and independent and pretty damned sure he’s not gonna do what he doesn’t want to do. It’s a bit like I’m Clarice Starling living with a furry little Hannibal Lecter — I understand that he respects me to a point, in an amused sort of way, but I still don’t go to sleep until I know he’s asleep.

And sometimes he’s faking.

Bentley currently has an eye infection. Giving him eyedrops is roughly akin to trying to pull your wedding ring out of the sink drain while a blindfolded psychopath plays with the switch for the disposal, listening and sensing your movements and different tricks … and learning. If I don’t mix it up constantly, I’m gonna lose some fingers.

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Oh, by the way, I reviewed the latest Nic Cage movie


This happened a few weeks ago; I got busy with other crap, and forgot to post it here. Anyway, it’s called Rage, and it doesn’t really rage enough, per se. Here’s the review. Long story short: Diehard Cage fans will probably find some reasons to dig it, but it’s really just not a very good movie — nor is it bad enough to qualify for so-bad-it’s-good status.

You decide.

LAWBI #83: Straight to Pride

St. Petersburg, Florida plays host to one of the largest Pride events in the nation, and I couldn’t be prouder to call this town my home. Rebecca and I have attended St. Pete Pride, separately and together, for years, and it’s always inspiring to be a part of a community celebrating itself, as it has every right to do.

(My main employer is also a sponsor of St. Pete Pride, and I’m very happy to be working with a group of people so passionate about equality.)

Here’s the column I wrote for CL’s Pride Issue. It’s about why every straight person in town with an open mind should attend, not only because it’s a great party and it’s very cool to be an ally to your LGBT community, but because chances are you’re already a part of that community, extended or otherwise.

St. Pete Pride was a couple of weeks ago and, yes, it was an absolute blast.

A bit for Father’s Day

Originally published in the Tampa Bay edition of Creative Loafing.

When I was 8 years old, my father moved the family from Montgomery, Alabama, where he was stationed at Gunter Air Force Base, to Homestead, where he’d been assigned to the AFB there. (If you’ve heard of Homestead, it’s likely due to its being demolished by Hurricane Andrew in ’92 — it’s now an Air Reserve Base.) During our very first night in our new house in the Miami suburb of Perrine, someone broke into our RV. Welcome to South Florida!

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In which I review the film Palo Alto


That irrational part of me that still gets mad when “mainstream” people mention liking The National really thought I was gonna hate this flick, directed by 27-year-old Gia Coppola (yes, of those Coppolas) and adapted from a book of stories by actor/polarizing universal force James Franco.

But I liked it. Quite a bit, in fact. The review is here.