LAWBI #83: Straight to Pride

St. Petersburg, Florida plays host to one of the largest Pride events in the nation, and I couldn’t be prouder to call this town my home. Rebecca and I have attended St. Pete Pride, separately and together, for years, and it’s always inspiring to be a part of a community celebrating itself, as it has every right to do.

(My main employer is also a sponsor of St. Pete Pride, and I’m very happy to be working with a group of people so passionate about equality.)

Here’s the column I wrote for CL’s Pride Issue. It’s about why every straight person in town with an open mind should attend, not only because it’s a great party and it’s very cool to be an ally to your LGBT community, but because chances are you’re already a part of that community, extended or otherwise.

St. Pete Pride was a couple of weeks ago and, yes, it was an absolute blast.

A bit for Father’s Day

Originally published in the Tampa Bay edition of Creative Loafing.

When I was 8 years old, my father moved the family from Montgomery, Alabama, where he was stationed at Gunter Air Force Base, to Homestead, where he’d been assigned to the AFB there. (If you’ve heard of Homestead, it’s likely due to its being demolished by Hurricane Andrew in ’92 — it’s now an Air Reserve Base.) During our very first night in our new house in the Miami suburb of Perrine, someone broke into our RV. Welcome to South Florida!

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In which I review the film Palo Alto


That irrational part of me that still gets mad when “mainstream” people mention liking The National really thought I was gonna hate this flick, directed by 27-year-old Gia Coppola (yes, of those Coppolas) and adapted from a book of stories by actor/polarizing universal force James Franco.

But I liked it. Quite a bit, in fact. The review is here.

LAWBI #82: A little too auto


Driverless cars.

Driverless cars!

The future is here! Safety! Fuel efficiency! Environmental friendliness! It’s the single greatest technological development in the history of humanity!

Oh, wait — no, it’s not. It’s the dumbest thing we’ve done yet.

Why not take the single most destructive threat to the communal fabric of society, and make it even more disaffecting and entitling? What’s the worst thing that could happen?

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Creative Loafing‘s Summer Guide came out

Creative Loafing Summer Guide

Every year, we do a big Summer Guide issue that, in addition to including loads of listings and pieces about stuff for people to do in, around and away from the Tampa Bay area, also offers the opportunity for some less serious and/or helpful stuff.

In the years between my full-time posts at CL, I’ve contributed to Summer Guides and Best of the Bays, but never as much as I wanted; this time around, I found the time to commit to quite a bit of coverage/screwing around.

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